Research on the Success of Hypnotherapy

does hypnotherapy workDoes Hypnotherapy Work?

For evidence on the effects of stress – hypnosis significantly reduces stress, panic attacks and other anxiety based disorders, please click here .

This study was designed to determine the effectiveness of a group stress reduction programme based on mindfulness meditation for patients with anxiety disorder. It showed a significant reduction in anxiety and depression for some participants. These changes were maintained at follow-up. The number of subjects experiencing panic symptoms was also substantially reduced.

For more evidence on the effectiveness of hypnosis for other conditions please click here

This article from an Australian hypnotherapy organisation pulls together research on hypnotherapy for many different conditions. It shows the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation and weight loss through a wide variety of citations. There are also multiple studies showing the effectiveness of hypnosis for pain reduction (from migraines and post-surgery pain, to pain from burn injuries to phantom limb pain), help with drug addiction and even for healing of bone fractures.

The article also shows the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in hospital emergency rooms as well evidence that hypnotherapy can help to lower impulsivity and anger.

It shows that the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for a wide variety of conditions is well documented.

There is also evidence to show that “enlightened awareness of and attention to present experiences (i.e mindful behaviour) can facilitate an effective translation of intentions into actions.” Put simply, this means that if you use relaxation and mindful techniques whilst making decisions and plans for positive change, you are much more likely to follow up on your intentions to improve your own health and wellbeing, for example, to stop smoking, do more exercise. Click here for evidence.

There were 2 studies, one relating to physical activity, the other relating to habitual binge drinking. They both show that mindfulness can help you stick with good intentions, whether these intentions are aimed at increasing positive behaviour (working out) or reducing negative behaviour (binge drinking).

So the question remains – does hypnotherapy work? Why not check out the links and decide for yourself.