Weight Loss Programmes

Many people have tried to lose weight in the past only to find that it piles straight back on as soon as the diet is finished. This is usually due to underlying emotional issues that haven’t been dealt with and cause the person to overeat. Hypnotherapy can go to the root of the problem by addressing not just your conscious mind but more importantly your subconscious mind. And it is in the subconscious mind where emotions and their causes are stored.

Christmas Pud to Christmas Cracker Weight Loss Programme

You can choose between a 4, 6 or 8-week programme to help you achieve your weight loss ambitions.

Here’s what’s included in this weight loss programme

First, we create

  • A personal analysis of your food habits and dieting history
  • Find causes and resolve issues around food

We then provide

  • A personal practical plan to change any negative behaviour around food
  • A craving buster
  • Motivation
  • Visualisation
  • Mindfulness, in particular: mindful eating
  • Hypnotic gastric band
  • MP3 recording including relaxation techniques and powerful weight loss suggestions

As a result you

  • Learn to control your inner dialogue
  • Break down your inner barriers to success

There are no forbidden foods and no diet. We place the hypnotic gastric band around your stomach only in your mind, without having to undergo actual surgery. This means there are no pain and no side effects.

Sarah W before and after her weight loss programme

Sarah W before and after

This holistic weight loss programme works on a deep, sub-conscious level and is individually created to how your mind works and adjusted to your learning style.

Get in touch for more details

If you would like more information about this programme please get in touch with me, Samantha Culshaw-Robinson. I am a clinical hypnotherapist based in Carlton, Nottingham and have helped people lose weight since 1988.

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