Workshops in Nottingham

personal development workshops NottinghamThese 2 hour personal development workshops will be available at Tiger Boe, on Clarendon Street in Nottingham.  We are just agreeing the programme for this year, so please show your interest by emailing and I will get back to you.

As my background is in Further Education I am very experienced in helping people learn and change in the ways that suit them.

My workshops are confidential (we agree that everything stays within the group and there is no pressure to “share” if you don’t want to).  As I am a holistic therapist; I realise that we all need to work with the mind and body and although I am not a nutritionist, we will often look at eating habits in relation to mood and our mental health.

I will always show participants how to relax.  In my experience most people don’t relax enough and this can impact on both our mental and physical health.  Also, it is hard to problem solve if there is no space left in your brain!  I do this in a mindful way and once relaxed; it can be so much easier to find the right solutions for you.  My philosophy is to give you the tools that you need, so that you can take them away and use them yourself.  I am an enabler.  I know all the answers are there in your own mind, it’s not up to me to be prescriptive and tell people what to do, as we are all different and at different stages of our lives and personal development.